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SmartSIP for Teams Calling FAQ

What is StarHub SmartSIP for Teams Calling?

StarHub SmartSIP provides a cloud telephony system that integrates your existing business phone with Microsoft Teams. It provides businesses with a unified voice and collaboration tool for all internal and external communication.

With SmartSIP for Teams Calling, you can make, receive, and transfer calls directly from Teams on any device of your choice, including desktops and mobile devices.

What is SmartSIP? Why is it important?

SmartSIP is StarHub’s SIP Trunking solution. It provides a scalable, reliable, and high capacity business voice service delivered over an IP network. It is the simplest and quickest way to connect Microsoft Teams to your phone system to enable voice calling.

What is Teams calling?

Teams Calling refers to the capability to make and receive calls in Microsoft Teams.

When using Smart SIP with Teams, what are the different capabilities?

The standard Microsoft 365 subscription includes Teams Calling from one Teams app to another Teams app.

By integrating SmartSIP with Teams calling it can enable you to make, receive, and transfer calls to and from landlines and mobile phones in Microsoft Teams, just like a traditional PBX phone system.

Can I enjoy the features of my traditional phone?

Yes, you can use the features that you get with your traditional phone such as outbound and inbound calls, call hold, audio conferencing, transfer, forwarding, and voicemail in the cloud.

Can I make international calls from Microsoft Teams?

Yes. If you have enabled international calling, you will be able to however additional international rates may apply.

Can I use my same phone number?

Yes, StarHub can help you to port your existing phone number to ensure continuity.

What are the managed services StarHub can provide?

Using Microsoft’s best practices, our end-to-end managed services can provide planning and set up, easy migration, and deployment with minimal disruption to your business.

What is the pricing of SmartSIP for Teams Calling?

Our pricing is simple and cost effective. We provide simplified per-seat monthly charges for Microsoft Teams licenses. SmartSIP is priced with a base of 10 channels per month.

What Microsoft License do I need to get started?

Customers with Microsoft 365 and a Phone System license will be able to use this service. The phone system license is included with E5 licenses and can be added to E1, E3, M1, M3, M5 or M365 ProPlus subscriptions.

If you don’t have Microsoft Teams license, you can contact us, and we will help.

I am not an existing StarHub customer, can I opt for Teams Calling with my existing Microsoft license?

Yes, if you are an existing Microsoft Teams customer, you can extend your existing Microsoft licenses to connect Microsoft Teams with StarHub SmartSIP.

I do not have Microsoft License, how can I opt for Teams Calling?

We can help procure the right licenses to get you started with SmartSIP for Teams Calling. You can contact us or use our contact form.

Will the extension dialling within the organization be chargeable?

With SmartSIP for Teams Calling, we provide Free On-Net calls and local toll charges for calling Singapore numbers.

In a typical PABX scenario, On-Net calls are considered extension dialling calls that are made between phones on the same PBX within the office and hence do not incur telco charges.

For Microsoft Team Calling apps, our clients will enjoy free on-Net calls between clients without the restriction on your geographical location.

What level of customer support will StarHub provide?
  • Service level Assurance – 99.85% (SIP Trunk)
  • 24 x 7 Customer Service Support Hotline
  • Please note that for Soft Client based solutions, the services will be connected back to StarHub via the public internet. Note, the voice quality is network dependent.
  • Service Support Helpdesk
    DID: (65) 6823 3333 / 1800 823 3333
    Fax: (65) 6820 5150

How does Teams work?

StarHub SmartSIP connects your Public Switched Telephone Network numbers to the Microsoft Phone System server which in turn connects to your Microsoft Teams.

With SmartSIP for Teams Calling, users can make or receive office calls directly from Microsoft Teams

SmartSIP for Teams Calling

How do I troubleshoot when I encounter issues in Teams?
  1. Please make sure that you are connected to the internet and you are able to send and receive message between MS Teams users.
  2. If you are not able to make or receive calls from your assigned phone numbers on your team client, drop us a mail on our support for us to troubleshoot for you.

Service Support Helpdesk
DID: (65) 6823 3333 / 1800 823 3333
Fax: (65) 6820 5150


What is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud telephony is a software-based phone system hosted in the cloud that replaces physical PBXs. When you combine cloud telephony with a collaboration tool such as Microsoft Teams you can create one integrated communications experience.

What are the benefits of cloud telephony?
  • As it is a cloud-based phone feature it does not require on-premise hardware so it saves on hardware cost.
  • You can take full advantage of full-featured phones like call forwarding, transfer, transfer etc.
  • It’s easy to get started, all you need is the internet and broadband.
  • You can scale up or down without having to change hardware.

Will I get a dedicated DDI number?

Yes, StarHub will provide you a Dedicated Direct Dial In number, which means that you can call and be reached from anywhere in the world with the DDI number.