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M2M Migration

What is the migration exercise about?

StarHub will be migrating our current M2M portal to a new IoT portal. After the migration, all Customers will need to use the updated and improved IoT portal to manage their SIM cards. The SIM card service will not be impacted during this period.

What will be the migration schedule?

StarHub will perform the migration between April 2020 and Sept 2020. Customers will receive an email approximately one-and-a-half months before date of migration.

Can the Customer select the date or change the schedule of their migration?

No, because the migration will be done in batches according to the Customer’s subscription plan and profile. The customer will be notified of their schedule in advance so they can prepare for the migration.

What is the migration process like?

The Customer will receive an email from StarHub to notify them of their migration schedule as well as to confirm if they want to keep and port their existing email address to the new IoT portal.

On the migration date, the Customer will receive a notification email to activate their Enterprise ID (EID) account (See answer #5). Upon successful activation, the EID has to be used for logging in to the new IOT portal from 1stApril 2020 (See answer #6).

What should the customer do once they receive the migration notification email?

Upon receiving the migration notification email, there will be instructions within the email for the Customer to confirm if the current email ID is to be retained and migrated over to the new IOT portal.

What is the Enterprise ID?

The StarHub Enterprise ID accounts allow ‘Authorized Officers’ to have access to our Enterprise portals with the following features:

(i) IOT portal: SIM and device management

(ii) MyBusiness Account portal: View and track your monthly bills and data usage

(iii) StarHub Business Manager app: Add-on mobile services on the go

(iv) SMB Online Store (Applicable to SME customers only): Sign-up for new or recontract your existing mobile line

Customers will receive an email to activate their Enterprise ID account (if they have not already done so) with their StarHub Enterprise ID (EID) credentials.

How do I activate my Enterprise ID account?

Your StarHub Enterprise ID (EID) credentials will be emailed to you on the date of migration. You are required to activate your EID to access the new IoT portal. Below is the sample email from StarHub Enterprise ID:

(Sender:, Subject: StarHub Enterprise ID: Account Activation). The EID uses two-factor authentication (2FA). You will be receiving the token on your registered mobile or email address [See image below for sample email]. Just click ‘Activate Now’ in the email.

m2m 7

Upon activating my EID account, how do I log into the new IoT Portal?

When migration is complete from 1st April 2020, you will receive an onboarding email on how to access the new StarHub IoT portal.

(Sender:, Subject: StarHub IoT Platform Access Information [Confidential]) [See figure below for sample email]. Once you have activated your EID and received this onboarding email, you are ready to log into StarHub IoT portal.

m2m 8

You will be able to access the IoT portal at with the IoT Service portal Admin email (Enterprise ID).

m2m 8.2 (new).JPG

When will I be notified by StarHub regarding the migration exercise?

Between April 2020 and Sept 2020, the Customer’s Authorised Officer (AO) should receive an email from StarHub notifying them of the migration schedule. The StarHub Enterprise ID (EID) credentials will then be emailed on the date of migration. If you are the AO, please keep a look out in your junk mail or spam folder as well.

How can I grant additional users access to the IOT portal?

Upon migration to the new IOT portal, you will be able to create access for additional users via the new portal. Please refer to the IoT portal User Guide.

What are the impact/changes to my bill?

There will not be an invoice delay with the new portal as you will receive an auto-generated bill similar to your current StarHub Mobile Bill structure and bill cycle. However, please note that you will receive 2 separate bills for the next month of migration (one bill for the new IoT portal, and another for the existing M2M portal). This is because the current M2M portal’s invoice is based on charges 2 months ago. Thereafter, you will receive only 1 bill from the new IoT portal.

For Month Of

Existing M2M Portal

New IoT Portal

Migration Month
M-2 month’s invoice

+1 Month
M-1 month’s invoice

Migration month, +1 month’s invoice

Example, assuming your migration date is on 1 April,

For Month Of

Existing M2M Portal

New IoT Portal


Invoice for March

No invoice

Invoice for April usage

Invoice for June as well as May

No invoice

Invoice for July

What are the key features or changes I can expect on the new IoT Portal?


What’s changes in new IoT Portal

You do not need to create activation profile, just click ‘Activate’ on portal
Change Plan
You do not need to suspend SIM or reactivate changed profile when changing plan on new portal. Plan changes will be effective immediately.
Cost Center
Replaced by ‘SIM Group’
CIM (Customer Information Management)
Replaced by ‘Label’.
User ID management
Only one EID can be logged in at any given time for security with Single Sign-On Support. If you log in using another machine’s web browser, then you need to log out from the original browser.
One plan (or bundle) needs one billing account, one billing account cannot have multiple plans.
Invoice has details and description for usage without delaying

What happens to the existing M2M portal?

Your login will be deactivated about one week before the migration. We will inform respective AOs about these deactivation and migration dates through email one month earlier before the migration. Your data will be removed from the M2M portal once the migration is completed. You are advised to download your bill summary files or back up any other information from the M2M portal before the deactivation date. These files and data from the existing M2M portal will not be retained after the migration.

What should I do if my Enterprise ID account has access issues?

a. I forgot my Enterprise ID’s password. How can I request for password reset?

Visit to reset your password.

b. My Enterprise ID account is locked due to multiple incorrect login attempts.

Please visit to reset your account/password

How can we check which plan we are subscribed to?

Please navigate to Home > My Service Agreement to check your current plan and contracted rates.

Does StarHub provide training for this new IoT portal?

We are unable to conduct on-site training but you may download and view the User Guide and/or video clips under ‘Home/Documents’ on IoT Portal, where various how-to guides are readily available.

m2m 15