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Late Payment Fee for Small Business FAQ

What is this late payment fee about?

A late payment fee is imposed on overdue StarHub bills. It amounts to $10.90 or 1.5% of the overdue balance, whichever is higher.

To avoid this charge, we encourage you to make a full payment by the due date indicated on your bill.

When will StarHub start charging late payment fee to business customers?

StarHub will start charging late payment fee from 1 November 2022.

I have different services with StarHub (mobile and fixed). Is the late payment fee chargeable for each service?

The late payment fee will be charged per billing account, regardless of the number of services in your account.

How do I avoid incurring the late payment fee?

Do ensure that you pay your StarHub bill on or before the indicated due date to avoid unnecessary late payment charges.

We encourage you to sign up for recurring credit card or GIRO payment. Your succeeding bills will be automatically deducted from your credit card/bank on or before your payment due date, and you will not have to worry about late payments again.

You can read the sign-up procedures for recurring credit card here and for recurring GIRO here.

If I partially paid my bill, will I still be charged the late payment fee?

Full payment of your bill is required to ensure that you will not be charged the late payment fee.

I am disputing some of the charges on my bill. Why should I incur late payment fee when my issue is not yet resolved?

Do let us know if you have disputed charges. Simply submit a ticket here.

I was charged the late payment fee and I need further explanations. What should I do?

Please submit a ticket here if you need further assistance.