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MTV Asia

Why is StarHub ceasing MTV Asia (Ch 533)?

We are always reviewing our content offerings to serve our customers better. As such, we are discontinuing MTV Asia (Ch 533) on 28 April 2022 11:59 pm.

Which are the subscriptions that will be affected?

The following subscriptions will be affected:

• Entertainment Package

• MTV Asia (Ch 533)

As an existing subscriber of MTV Asia (Ch 533), how will I be impacted?

You can continue to watch MTV Asia until 28 April 2022, 11:59 pm. Thereafter, the channel will cease transmission and automatically removed from your subscription.

Will StarHub reduce the price of my subscription?

There will be no price change to your current subscription.

Will there be any replacement for MTV Asia (Ch 533)?

If eligible, you will be informed via email of the replacement arrangements. Do reach out to your StarHub Account Manager should you require further assistance.

Now that this channel is no longer available, can I terminate my subscription without incurring any Early Termination Charge?

You may reach out to your StarHub Account Manager regarding your termination request.