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SMB Online Store - Purchase

How do I add an item to my cart?

Once you log in, select your desired handset and plan, you may click on ‘View pricing summary and continue’ bar at the bottom of the screen to add your item to cart.

Can I change, remove or add items to my order?

You can change your order by clicking on the ‘Edit device’ or ‘Edit plan’ hyperlinks and cancel by clicking on the ‘Remove device’ hyperlink at the order configuration page. Our SMB Online Store currently does not allow multiple orders, so you will have to complete ongoing transactions before making another purchase.

What happens to my cart if I exit SMB Online Store before checking out?

Not to worry! The item will be saved in your cart for a given amount of time so you can return later to complete the purchase. However, please note that the same item may no longer be in stock the next time you try to check out.

Can I purchase a handset without signing up for any service plan or contract?

No. All products in our SMB Online Store can only be purchased together with a 2-years contract.

Can I add or edit Value-Added Services?

Glad to share! You can conveniently add or edit Value-Added Services when customising your order. However, more options will be available on StarHub Business Manager App or My Business Account Portal.

Can I trade in my old handset when making a purchase online?

Thanks for inquiring. However, we currently do not accept trade-ins for online purchases.

Can I buy accessories for my new handset?

Thanks for inquiring. However, we currently do not carry accessories at SME Online Store.

How can I review my order?

You can review your order before proceeding to payment and delivery.

Are promotions advertised online also available at StarHub Shops and vice versa?

Online Exclusives are unique to the SMB Online Store, unless otherwise stated.

The product I wish to purchase is out of stock, what can I do?

You can chat with our client adviser via the chat icon on bottom left of the screen while on the StarHub SME Online Store and we will assist you with your desired product.

Alternatively, you may email us at to seek further assistance on your desired product.