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Business Wireless Broadband 4G (BWB4G)


What is Business Wireless Broadband 4G?

Business Wireless Broadband (4G) is a service that offers affordable and convenient mobile internet on StarHub robust 4G mobile network for remote sites and short-term work locations. It provides the following benefits:

  • Customers can bring along the router and insert the SIM card to enjoy internet access anywhere. Customers get internet access in 7 working days, with no need for cabling. It is great for locations without ready fibre access points or too costly to install.
  • Customers can provide internet access for up to 20 devices within 50 metres radius* with 4 SSIDs (WiFi) on dual-band connection and 4 LAN Ports.

*No physical barriers between barriers and the connected devices.

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What if the 4G connection in my area is not good?

StarHub recommends that you do a coverage check for 4G/3G signal prior to signing up this new service plan, especially for location like basement, carpark, construction site or coastal area of Singapore. If signal is indeed poor, then fibre broadband might be a more stable and suitable option. Alternatively, we would feedback to our Mobile team to improve the signal at the affected location in their future planning.

How will I know if my location has 4G coverage?

You should be able to check your 4G signal with any mobile phone that is connected to StarHub 4G network.

  • Using any android phone, download the App gnettrack and check the signal strength at the designated location. RSSI value must be >= -110dB.
  • Using any mobile phone, download the App Speedtest and do a test to StarHub Mobile server at the designated location. Result should be at least 10Mbps or within typical range.
  • Using any mobile phone, check that there is at least 2 bar on 4G signal.

    What is the typical speed for Business Wireless Broadband (4G) service?

    The typical speed tested is ranging from 10Mbps to 50Mbps. As the performance varies from location to location and from time to time, it is recommended to do a speed test using our StarHub Mobile Pte Ltd speed test service from or Speedtest app.

    What affects the download and upload speeds when using Business Wireless Broadband (4G) service?

    As with any network, the actual bandwidth experienced will have to consider network and protocol overheads and therefore the actual addressable bandwidth might be lower. In addition to this, performance will also be affected by the following:

    • The type of CPE that you are using and the bandwidth it supports
    • The websites and servers you are accessing
    • The types of application being used
    • The radio conditions
    • Level of congestion on the Internet
    • Signal strength
    • Distance from base station
    • Interference and building clutter

      How do I ensure that my 4G router can perform at its optimal speed?

      In general, you should place your 4G router in the centre of your office with line of sight to the router without obstruction. This is because wireless signal will drop significantly through walls and glasses. Besides that, signal interference can also come from neighbouring wireless router, microwave and cordless phone which could affect your speed.

      If Business Wireless Broadband (4G) service is deployed around Woodland or Punggol area, will it be able to picked up Celcom or Maxis signal?

      Data roaming is disabled on Business Wireless Broadband (4G) and cannot be supported. It will not be able to pick up signal from other neighbouring countries.

      Will I be able to connect my surveillance camera to Business Wireless Broadband (4G) service?

      Business Wireless Broadband (4G) uses a share connection over our 4G mobile network. It is meant for customer with light usage like email, web surfing, point-of-sales transaction for their day to day business needs. We do not recommend customer to use application like video streaming, peer-to-peer streaming or downloading, that will cause congestion to our network and affect other customers. If customer require heavy traffic usage or 24x7 surveillance service, a fixed broadband will be more appropriate for their use.

      For more details, please refer to

      Logging into Router

      With a web management page, it is easy to configure and manage the 4G LTE Router. The web management page can be used on any Windows, Macintosh or UNIX OS with a Web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.

      Follow the steps below to log in to your router.

      Step 1. If the TCP/IP Protocol on your computer is set to the static (fixed) IP address, you need to change its settings to obtain an IP address automatically.

      Step 2. Launch a web browser and type in or

      How do I ensure that my 4G router can perform at its optimal speed?

      For a rough estimate on data usage, MR200 can be enabled at “Data Settings” to track monthly usage. It is meant to be use for information only. If SIM card is swapped, the data usage continues to track as configured in the router.

      Note: This is not the same as bill usage charges as billing is consolidated from Network CDR and based on bill cycle.

      You can access the information by logging into the router and clicking on the advance tab on the top navigation tab. Once inside the advance tab click on the Network option and select data settings.

      Logging to Router > Advance > Network > Data Setting