Maximising video conferencing in your business

22 March 2018

Globalisation has redefined the way business is conducted. From operating and running a business with multiple locations globally, to having clients that span worldwide, digital communications have come a long way in helping companies bridge the communications gap when it comes to cross-country communications, with video conferencing playing a huge role.

Here are some dos and don’ts to maximise your video conferencing usage.

Encourage face-to-face interactivity

Video conferences encourage participation through face-to-face expressions, more so than traditional conference calls wherein members sit around a table and speak into a gadget. Seeing the party on the other line can allow for visual cues – hand gestures to put across a point, emotional responses and general body language – which aids communication and mutual understanding. Product demonstrations can be conducted as well to really sell in to potential customers.

Being seen on camera also encourages engagement, leading to more focus and participation in the business discussion at hand. Knowing that you are under scrutiny, one would feel more inclined to respond, from basic nodding as acknowledgement of others’ views, to digging extensively into the subject matter.

Furthermore, video sessions can be recorded for evaluation and training purposes.

Increase frequency of communication

The ease of connecting multiple parties anytime, anywhere fosters regular and open communication with stakeholders, limiting travel to just the most important of meetings.

This proves valuable in giving and receiving clearer and more constant updates, significantly increasing productivity as compared to setting up a face-to-face meeting to iron out details. Rather than draft an entire proposal for a presentation only to find out that the underlying strategy is misguided, you can check in with your client at intervals to align yourselves in the same direction. This leads to better-informed decisions that can also be made in a shorter span of time, markedly improving business effectiveness and efficiency.

Check your image

It’s common practice to always make it a point in dressing more smartly and looking your best when you hold an important meeting. This is no different when it comes to video conferencing.

There’s a slight difference, however – electronic devices are involved. This means that you have to be acutely aware of issues such as your own positioning and posturing to ensure one’s visibility to all video conference members. Your voice projection to your device’s embedded or standalone microphone is also going to be different from that to a physically present audience. Make sure all technicalities are sorted out before you start the call.

Furthermore, while a meeting room is generally safe for video conferences, you have to make sure there are no background distractions. These may come in the form of office chatter or unsightly objects that could be captured on camera.

Generally, it might be useful to conduct a test or rehearsal with some members before commencement of actual conference.

Don’t compromise on quality

Video conferencing tools and software may seem like a heavy investment at the start, but it’s something you simply cannot scrim on.

Evaluate video conferencing tools that deliver performance that comes as close to meeting in person as it can get. On the other end of the spectrum, poor audio/visual quality or choppiness of the internet connection reflects poorly on your company when you hold conferences with your client. Not only does it disrupt getting right down to business, it could easily create miscommunications that could break a deal.

Video conferencing can unlock immense value in a profound way, with regards to better relationship-building and communication. Make sure that you utilise it correctly to maximise its capabilities for your business.


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