The era of New Retail is here

22 March 2018

Do you know that Alibaba would rank as the 22nd largest economy in the world if it is considered an economy?

Do you know that during 2017 Single’s Day Event, LuBan AI designed a whopping 400 million banners? (If we assume it takes a human designer 20 minutes to design one single banner, then we will need 100 designers to work non-stop for 150 years to produce the same amount).

Do you know that Singapore’s Tagore Lane is the home of Suofeiya, Asia’s number one Customised Furniture Maker, who have since furnished more than 28 million homes world-wide?

The “New Retail” Experience

Take a Tour of Hema Supermarket

In 2017, Alibaba bought Chinese mall operator Intime for $2.6b to modernize offline retail. From reaching out to new customers, improving management of inventories to digital payments, it aims to make the engagement with consumers longer-lasting and stronger, while leveraging on technology capability to improve operating efficiency.

With the latest technology evolution, the New Retail is no longer just about opening a nice-looking physical retail outlet. It is also about augmenting your retail strategy with artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Driven Data Analytics and O2O customer experience.

If you would like to ride on the opportunity to transform from physical to digital and redefine the retail experience, join us at Alibaba Global Course, where you hear first hand from the experts from Alibaba, Intime Business, Suofeiya and Taobao University, the various technologies that they have introduced to create the New Retail.

For existing StarHub customers, you can use discount code UFLAGC2018  to enjoy special discount off Alibaba’s Global Course.

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