Top 3 business courses that will benefit your team

22 March 2018

Employees are the key assets of your company, and building a strong core team entails continuously upgrading their skills and knowledge to keep pace with the changing times. This year’s Budget also emphasises on gearing up our workforce for a digital economy. We’ve identified three types of business courses your employees can take to boost their digital prowess and pave the way for your company’s success.

1. Digital marketing

With the increased amount of time spent looking at our mobile screens and the unwavering popularity of social media, digital is now the most accessible platform to reach customers. In fact, 93% of companies claimed their budget will increase for digital marketing initiatives in 2018i.

Digital marketing can be further fragmented into areas like content, social media, search and mobile, just to list a few. Many companies have seen the need to hire for specialised roles. Regardless of your scale of operations, your digital marketing team has to be well-versed at least in the major ones on a foundational level.

If there are certain areas that they are lacking in, digital marketing courses will help to balance their capabilities in those areas, making sure that your marketing communications is effective in unlocking value for your business across the digital arena.

2. Digital thinking

While it’s important to ensure that your staff understands how digital applications work, it’s not sufficient. Too many companies focus on the technology itself but not the goals and outcomes of its use.

A change in thinking and behaviour is needed to become truly digital-savvy. For example, upgrading a typewriter to a computer creates no value if a user works with the computer as though it’s a typewriter. The user needs to understand that a computer brings new capabilities such as visual imagery, and being able to store and edit documents rather than just churning out physical copies.

The focus should be on the message, not the medium. Training courses covering practical use cases for digital tools can help the employee see what’s in it for them versus learning the new technology. By nurturing the right organisational mindset and culture, digitisation can be embraced by your employees.

3. Data analytics

By 2013, 90% of the world’s data generated over the previous two years has exceeded that in the entire previous history of the humankindii. An increasing proportion of such data is being collected and recorded. If you are not utilising this pool of information to drive your business, you will lose out to your competition for being able to better understand customers.

Unfortunately, analysing data is highly complex, and training is almost a necessity if you want to be successful at it. Data will only be a bunch of numbers if they are not converted to knowledge or insights. Alibaba Global Course 2018 will be hosting several prominent speakers to share analyses and insights that the mega-corporation itself employs.

Data can greatly aid your team’s ability to make well-informed decisions by minimising uncertainty. It filters down to every aspect of the way your business operate, thereby driving the success of your business.

Many companies are still hesitant to move into the digital sphere, be it because of the unfamiliarity or the costs involved. The quicker a business can understand the sheer necessity of digitising itself, the more it will realise the potential that new technologies can contribute to their growth. Take a step in the right direction by equipping your employees with the skills and mentality to succeed digitally. Furthermore, doing so helps in enriching and building them up for success, which they will appreciate as having an employer who cares about their personal and professional development.


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