Hacks for a smarter mobile workspace
22 June 2017

With the rise of the mobile workforce, employers should be on the lookout for apps that aid their staff, increasing their engagement and productivity. Here are 7 apps you can consider to make mobile business operations smoother:

LogMeIn (iOS, Android)

A must-have for mobile warriors, this app lets you take your desktop with you wherever you go, offering access from your tablet or mobile phone. This lets you do everything from view your most frequently visited websites to manage your cloud database on the go.

Basecamp (iOS, android)

Basecamp is a project management tool that makes teamwork a cohesive affair, placing all project comments and updates on one dashboard so changes can be seen at a glance. The app helps cut down meeting times, allows your team to see tasks and deadlines instantly and makes for a more organised team.

According to Basecamp’s own statistics, 89% of users see an increase in business efficiency.

OfficeTime (iOS)

Keeping track of expenses and billable hours is a breeze with an app that does it for you. OfficeTime is a highly rated app that keeps track of the time you spend on each project. The intelligent technology recognises when you leave your workspace, pausing, and resuming once you’re back, or allotting the missing time to a different project so every minute is accounted for

MindMeister (iOS, Android)

With over 7 million users worldwide, MindMeister is an online mapping tool with proven results. Brainstorming, collaboration and team discussions are simplified with ideas presented in an easily digestible, visual manner. The software also features presentation and chat functions, making it much more than just a mindmapping tool

Humin (iOS)

A must for heavy networkers, Humin helps you remember the detail of each contact, right down to when you met and what they do. By combining your phone calendar, emails and information from your social media and LinkedIn accounts, Humin creates a comprehensive database of contacts that you can refer to at a glance. Humin CEO Ankur Jain explains the many uses of his creation: "Say you can't remember someone's name; you just type in the search bar 'met today' or 'met last weeki, for quick reference. He adds that the app is designed based on the way people socialise and network.

Zoom (iOS, Android)

If you’re having problems conducting meetings and discussions over Skype, Zoom is a good alternative with equivalent features. Perfect for anything from one-on-one video calls to video webinars with up to 100 interactive participants, it’s safe to say the app is robust enough to suit your communication needs.


Not strictly a productivity app, Hardbound is nonetheless useful to everyone, from the budding entrepreneur to the seasoned business professional. The app condenses useful information from bestselling non-fiction books into bite-sized, interactive infographics, making knowledge acquisition enjoyable.

With an extensive variety of topics ranging from business to science, it’s no surprise Hardbound was labelled 'Best New App' by Apple in 2016.

Between countless communication and collaboration apps, sticking to your business mobile data limit can be a challenge. Fortunately, you don’t have to switch to a bigger plan to ensure constant access to your apps. Simply top up as low as $10 with StarHub’s DataJump to increase your data for worry-free connectivity.

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