5 Ways To Make Your
Office Space Cooler
22 June 2017

The word 'office' brings to mind images of a dreary black desk with papers stacked on it, files cabinets containing folders in complete disarray, and heap of wires dominated the room/cubicle because of the sheer amount of electronic junk. While some offices are definitely like this, it does not mean that every office must be a place where hopes, dreams, and electronic items go to die a slow, painful death. Given that the working population spends a major chunk of their day in offices, why not transform the office into a space that gets those creative juices flowing faster? 


This "transformation" does not necessarily have to burn a hole into your pockets. Read on to find out the small, yet significant ways in which you can give your office a facelift.

A Pop of Colour


Colours go a long way in infusing life into a space. We are not advising you to bombard the working space with all the colours in the 72 pack of Crayola crayons: just two or three brightly coloured accessories will do the trick. In a sea of bland electronic items, looking at a brightly coloured curiosity will just make a person feel instantly energized and revitalised.

Conversation Starters


If you are redecorating your own office space, think of what you like in terms of popular culture. What are some of your favourite books, movies, television shows? Maybe you have a favourite book or scientist or actor or singer. Maybe you have a themed family portrait, or an adorable family pet whose picture you want show off to one and all. Including figurines, statuettes, photographs, inspirational quotes and books in your working space is another step in personalizing it.

Art is Life


While we do not advocate that you hang a priceless Matisse in your office lobby, there are other (inexpensive ways) to incorporate your favourite artworks and art styles into your office space. One method is getting posters of your favourite art pieces or art styles. Tumblr and Pinterest have no dearth of cool images for you to print out. You can also buy posters from bookshops and stationery shops. If you produce your own artworks, you can consider using them for your space.

Weird Furniture


While there is nothing wrong with the trusty old Aeron computer chair (its inclusion in the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection makes it a work of art in its own right), seeing it everywhere can get rather monotonous for the eyes. You can tranform your office into a cozy haven by adding a plush cushion or a soft rug underneath your desk. For better organization of papers, files, folders and any other paraphernalia, you can invest in colourful boxes and quirky organization trays, which will not only make you feel better about putting your stuff into them (since they are so pretty) but will also make you feel calmer because you finally have a clean workspace!



While it's unfortunate that fluffy pets are not allowed in the workplace (yet), you can always include other living beings such as plants. Cactii and ferns are super low-maintenance, so if you're not very good at taking care of things, you'll be delighted to know that these desert-native shrubs are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. Having plants on your desk also infuse vigor and zeal into your surroundings, so you're bound to feel more productive.


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