Enhance your IT environment
with a cloud-based security approach

The shift towards remote working has accelerated SMEs' digital transformation and the adoption of cloud-based applications. With employees now accessing company data via the cloud, small businesses are left more exposed to cyber threats. Hence, ensuring immediate, consistent, and secure access for your distributed workforce should be a priority.

StarHub SASE for SME is a cloud security solution for small businesses that prevents cyber threats and protects data for any user at any location. 

How SASE for SME works

SASE for SME provides a comprehensive suite of cloud-based security capabilities. It protects users, applications and data regardless of geographical location, and eliminates the need for expensive hardware infrastructure. The multi-layer security features eliminate all kinds of malicious attacks and threats, ensuring full security over customer and cloud-based networks and compliance with stringent security standards.

The solution also enables you to govern web usage and provide a safe experience for your users with comprehensive web classification and content filtering.

Cybersecurity: A Priority for SMEs

In collaboration with Cyber Security Agency (CSA) of Singapore, DBS Bank, and Netskope, gain insights from subject matter experts on the cybersecurity solutions and support that help SMEs in protecting against cyber-attacks.

Speakers from CSA, Netskope, DBS and StarHub
Veronica Tan
Safer Cyberspace Cyber
Security Agency of Singapore (CSA)
Melvin Tan
Cloud Security Engineer
Sasha Foo
Managing Director
Technology and Operations
DBS Bank
Harville Tan
Senior Product Manager
Enterprise Business Group

CSA’s Cybersecurity Certification Scheme

While digitalisation offers tremendous benefits to enterprises, they are also more exposed to digital risks that could cause disruption to their business. The recent spate of supply chain attacks has elevated the need for enterprises to strengthen their cybersecurity and demonstrate their cybersecurity posture. Find out how enterprises can leverage CSA’s cybersecurity certification scheme as a competitive advantage for their business.

Data and Threat Protection with SASE for SME

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a cloud-based architecture that combines network and security services meant to protect users, applications, and data. In this session, Litz from Netskope will dive deeper into the security component of the SASE framework "SSE" and how it provides unrivalled visibility on real-time data with threat protection when accessing cloud services, websites, and private apps from anywhere, on any device.

DBS #CyberWellness Programme

Created by DBS’ cybersecurity team, the DBS #CyberWellness programme started as a CSR initiative for local charities and social enterprises, but has since grown to include SMEs. With cybercrime on the rise, join us in this session to find out how SMEs like yourselves can equip your employees withfoundational cybersecurity knowledge to protect your business.

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In partnership with DBS, enjoy 60 days of complimentary trial when you complete the DBS #CyberWellness programme, a free cybersecurity training for SMEs and their employees with modules covering topics such as phishing, digital scams and password protection.