StarHub Cybersecurity Solutions

The solutions listed here will help your organisation to address the measures in the Cyber Essentials mark1

Secure / Protect

Virus/malware protection - Protect yourself from malicious software


SASE for SME2 is a cloud-based multi-layer security solution that prevents and eliminates all kinds of malicious attacks and threats, ensuring full security over customer and cloud-based networks.

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Broadband Shield

Broadband Shield2 filters all malicious incoming and outgoing traffic to keep organisations safe from cyber threats such as malware and viruses.

Broadband Shield+2 comprises the full Unified Threat Management functionalities, including Firewall and Anti-Virus, which detect, prevent, and clean up cyber threats such as malware and viruses.

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Back up your essential data

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Backup as a Service
ensures your organisation's essential data is always protected and accessible with backup storage and restoration.

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Organisations seeking Cyber Essentials certification should complement these products with additional measures to fully meet the certification requirements.

2 These products comprise additional features that go beyond Cyber Essentials.

Download the StarHub Cybersecurity Solutions Infosheet to complement Cyber Essentials mark

The information sheet is developed in collaboration with Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) as part of its SG Cyber Safe Partnership Programme to generate awareness and raise the cybersecurityposture of local businesses, individuals and the community. Please note that CSA does not endorse or recommend any particular organisation, individual, product, process, or service that is linked to the SGCyber Safe partnership programme. Neither can CSA assure the quality of the work of any organisation or individual linked to the SG Cyber Safe partnership programme.