SASE Cloud System for SME

While a traditional on-premise network architecture that is based on a private hub-and-spoke network is highly secure, it is resource-intensive and cannot support the hybrid workforce. 

By contrast, the modern setup of a direct-to-cloud architecture over the internet allows for greater flexibility, but leaves the network at higher risk of cybersecurity breaches. With the SASE for SME cloud-based solution, small businesses can benefit from a full suite of cloud security solutions that enables secure access for their distributed workforce.

Cloud Security Platform

• Global security network to deliver real-time cloud native security

• Traffic steering via lightweight client

• Regular cloud security updates

• Real-time standard reporting

• Real time end to end SSL/TLS decryption

Cloud Security Services

• URL and content filtering

• Bandwidth optimisation from peering relationships with Microsoft, Amazon, and Google

• Anti-malware and full file inspection