Safeguard your Business Continuity.
With fast restoration to maintain your brand reputation.

Mix of 3 analytic engines

Giving you a powerful solution that can be customised to your individual requirements.

Agentless and remote monitoring

Can be used to monitor shared or externally hosted websites, ideal for dynamic corporate websites – even those with daily changes.

Near real-time alerting

24 x 7 automated polling and alerting via email, sms, snmp traps or syslog. 

Platform independent

Works with websites using CMS such as Wordpress, Joomla, etc.

It’s easy to get started

No software or hardware installation is required for StarHub’s AWDS. All that’s needed is the URL of your website and the details of the people you want as contact personnel.

More control of your Secure Replicas

• Secure Replicas can be easily created, either on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis. 

• You can preview and choose the most appropriate Secure Replica for any website. 

• Zero server footprint – no software agent is required to be installed on your webserver.

• Simpler restoration allows faster reaction to a defacement and protects your organisation’s brand reputation.

Find out how StarHub’s AWD can alert you about defacements on your website and restore it within seconds.