Get to know early if there’s a defacement on your website.
With StarHub’s Anti-Web Defacement solution.


Who would be the first to notice a defacement on your website? A customer perhaps? Or maybe a partner or one of your staff?

StarHub’s Anti-Web Defacement solution (AWD) uses industry leading analytic engines to proactively monitor your website and provides as Restoration service should there be a defacement. 



In the event of a defacement, you’ll be notified within minutes. With our Restoration service in place, your web presence is safely restored automatically within seconds, while you investigate and get things back to normal. Restoration also prevents easy re-defacement using our unique Secure Replica technology.  



StarHub’s AWD the integrity and security of your website is protected – maintaining your reputation, trustworthiness and business continuity.



Content Analytics

Webpage elements are analysed and base-lined for contents. This involves counting the number of href links, images, scripts, style sheets, iframes, etc for the most granular effect. 


Integrity Analytics

Our system will automatically do integrity checks on the elements that affect the look and feel of the website. This includes checks on internal and external javascripts, style sheets, images, etc. Any unauthorized changes to the names or details of these components will be detected. 


Image Analytics

Our Image Analytics is a one-of-a-kind patent pending engine which requires no HTML knowledge and is extremely user-friendly. It uses pixel-by-pixel analysis of selected regions. The URL to be monitored is rendered into an image and the subscriber can then select import regions to be monitored.


Restoration service

Defacement Restoration is easy to set up - It crawls and copies the website and its content on day one.


The service:

• Can be automatic or with one-click manual intervention. 

• Is platform independent.

• Intelligently creates Secure Replica. 

• Automatically disables vulnerable elements such as forms, search fields, scripts, Ajax etc.  

• Creates a presentable temporary landing page for non-working links.

Find out how StarHub’s AWD can alert you about defacements on your website and restore it within seconds.

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