Why organisations are choosing SD-WAN

IT decision-makers are turning to SD-WAN solutions to overcome latency and poor performance. In addition to improving performance and reliability, SD-WAN offers businesses the ability to increase bandwidth at a lower cost with full visibility of their network. Security features like firewalls and application policies can be centrally managed with a single cloud-based portal.

Compared to traditional WAN, SD-WAN offers several advantages that will help your business to stay ahead in your digital transformation journey.

Hardware-centric vs Software-driven

Enables configurations to be done off-site at real-time, saving time, money and resources.


Manual vs Automated

Through automated load balancing, the hurdles of configuration are shifted from people to technology.


Closed vs Programmable

Network behaviour can be tailored to support individual customers as well as rapid deployment of new services.


Reactive vs Predictive

Where reactive models are always in a state of change, predictive models use historical data to adjust routes and flows with less disruption.


Connectivity-intent vs Business-intent

Simply being able to connect is no longer enough. Businesses require value from WAN to provide value to their customers.


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