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Transit to SD-WAN to achieve network agility for business transformation.

SD-WAN simplifies the deployment of WAN (Wide Area Network) services to remote locations. It can be deployed across various industries, and is beneficial for organisations that have dispersed locations such as retail shops or multiple branch offices located domestically and globally. Businesses can count on SD-WAN’s high bandwidth, low latency and exceptional reliability to keep staff productive and boost user experience.

How Global SD-WAN works

By establishing a unified network plane across disparate networks and providing a centrally managed platform for network management, SD-WAN simplifies your WAN management through a single cloud-based portal, allowing you to deliver unprecedented control over agility, performance, bandwidth and security.

StarHub offers a range of one-stop managed SD-WAN services that deliver the highest quality of experience, flexible network connectivity and advanced security that aligns to customers’ unique requirements.  This allows StarHub’s customers to benefit from end-to-end service and support, an extensive global network infrastructure, and the flexibility and economics of internet and MPLS transport services.

Global SD-WAN Coverage

Partner with Global SD-WAN leaders to Deliver Managed SD-WAN Services to Enterprises around the Globe

StarHub collaborates with global SD-WAN leaders - Silver Peak and Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance (ngena) to deliver enterprise-grade, fully managed SD-WAN services to domestic and multinational enterprises, scaling deployments to thousands of sites across the region and around the world.

Leverage on StarHub SD-WAN to empower your business with the agility to drive digital transformation across multiple sites globally.

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