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Transit to SD-WAN to achieve network agility for business transformation.

SD-WAN simplifies the delivery of WAN (Wide Area Network) services to remote locations such as branch offices. It is mostly deployed among vertical markets with dispersed locations, such as retail and financial services. These businesses can count on SD-WAN’s high bandwidth, low latency and exceptional reliability to keep staff productive and boost customer experience.

How Global SD-WAN works

By establishing a unified network plane across disparate networks and providing a centrally managed platform for network management, SD-WAN simplifies your WAN management through a single cloud-based portal, allowing you to deliver unprecedented control over agility, performance, bandwidth and security.

Designing and supporting a large SD-WAN with multiple access vendors and network service appliances places a huge burden on IT teams that are likely already overstretched. ngena removes all of this complexity with a purpose-built platform and a partner alliance that consolidates underlay and overlay services in to a fully-managed proposition, delivered under a single contract of supply. ngena’s end-to-end assured platform removes the risk of business outages and ICT teams can focus their attention on delivering business-enabling applications, without having to monitor network performance. In addition, alliance partners can offer round the clock support because ngena is on 24X7 operation.

Global SD-WAN Coverage

Powered by Exclusive Alliance Partnership with ngena

Benefit from shared partner networks around the globe. StarHub is Next Generation Enterprise Network Alliance (ngena)'s exclusive alliance partner in Singapore, formed by a group of international telecommunication companies to increase agility in service provisioning worldwide.

Through a hybrid VPN and its physical and virtual network assets, ngena leverages the rapid spread of Software Defined Networks and innovative cloud technology to deliver an easier, more scalable and stable network compared to any other solution in the market.

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