Benefits of SD-WAN

Faster, cost-effective, agile network

– now possible with SD-WAN.

Simplified control
Manage a larger number of locations with less staff while employing a more consistent approach to compliance and security. Enterprises can also configure and optimise bandwidth easily via a single cloud-based portal.

Empower business transformation with agility
Our flexible and automated customer interface enables full control. Optimise bandwidth for different applications as needed, increasing both the performance and scalability of the solution.

Cost savings
As compared to MPLS, SD-WAN lets you mix and match cost-effective network links by priority and can also reduce troubleshooting costs and branch WAN outages.

Enhanced optimisation with network visibility
Generate real-time network performance reports to better monitor the network and align with changing business needs. With visibility over usage and bandwidth, you can allocate resources and prioritise traffic as required.

Minimise downtime with resilient branch networking operations
With a flexible and redundant hybrid network across multiple links and different access types, SD-WAN delivers automatic failover for reduced latency. Unified secure connectivity also means there will be end-to-end encryption to address threat & compliance concerns.

Global reach with local service support
Enjoy the best of both worlds - set up branches worldwide with network partner ngena’s global E2E managed and integrated solutions, while enjoying service support through StarHub’s local access.

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StarHub Global SD-WAN

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