The Simpler and Smarter Way to Connect to Cloud
Capitalise on the advantages of cloud services while maintaining high security and privacy.

More and more workloads are moving to the cloud as it provides the scalability business needs, without the high costs of in-house data centres and related expertise. As business expands, applications and systems might not be hosted on one cloud, but across different clouds.

How do you connect to these clouds? If you’re using the public internet, you could be increasing the risks of sensitive data being compromised – and you’ll have little control over performance. Private connections, while secure, have little flexbility and can be expensive and complex to manage. 

StarHub Cloud Connect provides a scalable and secure direct pathway to world-leading Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), offering enterprises the performance, reliability, security, and flexibility they need to accelerate cloud access and drive digital transformation.

Cloud Connectivity

Select your preferred private connectivity pathways to the leading cloud service providers.

Cloud Computing with the New York City skyline near Midtown
Shared Cloud Connect

Securely connect multiple sites to share information to major cloud service providers via MPLS technology.

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Dedicated Cloud Connect

Highly secured and dedicated point-to-point connection from an enterprise premise or data centre to leading public clouds.

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Direct Cloud Connect

The fastest and most secure way to access AWS Cloud.

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Cloud Service Providers

Connect to leading CSPs such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud via our provisioned and secured high-speed connections.

Why StarHub Cloud Connect

Extensive Reach
Over 700 points of presence (PoP) worldwide means you can rely on StarHub to connect you to wherever you need to reach, whenever.
Dense Cloud Ecosystem
Connect to the world's largest cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud without the need for multiple contracts.
Our complete range of network services comprises private WAN connectivity and complementary value-added services that help your business succeed.
Connect to multiple CSPs via a single managed, end-to-end solution.

Simplify and accelerate your cloud access and drive your digital transformation with
StarHub Cloud Connect.

Hyperscale Data Centre

Meeting today's highly digitalised world with high energy efficiency and scalability facilities for data centre services.

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Switched Ethernet

Connect your business cost-effectively via an intelligent network service. 

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High performance dedicated connectivity for your critical applications

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