One-stop solution providing a direct pathway to the Cloud.
Capitalise on the advantages of cloud services while maintaining high security and privacy.

The business benefits of cloud computing are substantial but concerns around security, performance and flexibility necessitate trade-offs, resulting in a dilemma between employing public and private clouds.

While it is possible to achieve a balance through bypassing the Internet to connect directly to global Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), it is often costly and complex. With connections to multiple CSPs, they come with multiple configurations and service-level agreements (SLAs).

StarHub Cloud Connect is a one-stop, simple solution providing a direct pathway from your organisation’s infrastructure to world-leading CSPs such as Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure.

With StarHub Cloud Connect, you can simplify and accelerate cloud access to seamlessly drive digital transformation for your business.

Cloud Connect with SWE (Layer 3)
Cloud Connect with ELL (Layer 2)

Provides complete secured private tunnels leveraging MPLS technology to Public Cloud Service Providers.

Leverages highly secured dedicated point-to-point transmission to connect data centers and leading public clouds.

Drive performance with direct connectivity to global cloud services.

Secure and reliable
with private connectivity to major Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)
Speedy direct connectivity
to leading CSPs and Internet Exchanges
Flexible and scalable
supporting business growth and unpredictable needs
allowing you to choose from 50M to 1G bandwidth
Reduced complexity
of connecting to multiple CSPs via a single managed, end-to-end solution
Simplified operations
through one-stop monitoring and integrated billing

See how StarHub Cloud Connect simplifies and accelerates your access to cloud to drive digital transformation.

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