Simplify cloud access

Remove the complexities of connecting to multiple CSPs by employing a single central console.
Peace of mind

Connect your private network to major CSPs via MPLS technology, delivering reliable and secure connectivity with low latencies.
Secure network

Protect your mission-critical data over our extensive network of carrier-grade fibre optic cables.
Cost optimisation

Track usage and network utilisation from a central console with StarHub Cloud Connect's performance monitoring and integrated billing to optimise cost efficiency.
Scalable solutions

Enjoy flexibility to scale up infrastructure and support new business growth and quicker deployment of new services.
Stay ahead of competitors

Seize opportunities and adapt to new workloads, quickly and eficiently.

Overcome challenges with StarHub Cloud Connect

Complexity of Connecting
Multiple CSPs

Connecting multiple CSPs efficiently is highly complex and expensive.

Global Reach

Finding a global Service Provider that scales up is a challenge.

Reliability & Performance

Cloud services are very sensitive to quality of service & experience issues.

StarHub Cloud Connect provides:
One-stop connectivity solution that simplifies the process. Connect to cloud seamlessly to your overseas offices easily with cost-effective and scalable bandwidth. Ultra secure & reliable as it's built on a private connection to major Cloud Service Providers for low latencies.

See how StarHub Cloud Connect simplifies and accelerates your access to cloud to drive digital transformation.

Hyperscale Data Centre

Meeting today's highly digitalised world with high energy efficiency and scalability facilities for data centre services.

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Switched Ethernet

Connect your business cost-effectively via an intelligent network service. 

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Ethernet Leased Line

Secured and dedicated Layer 2 premium data connectivity for your info-communication needs.

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StarHub Cloud

Build your own cloud that is Local, Secured and Connected.

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