Expanding your business across borders
12 May 2016

Trade has always been regarded as the elixir driving Singapore's economy. Now, with the blurring of borders and time zones, companies in Singapore are expanding where their customers are and where they are going. Taking into account that Singapore is a small market, overseas expansion is the natural progression for these companies to ensure growth and profitability.

In fact, a recent trade confidence survey of 132 businesses in Singapore with an annual turnover of between US$10 million to more than US$500 million, HSBC found out that international expansion is seen as the key driver of growth. As part of an array of measures to support Singapore companies expand geographically, the Singapore government introduced a new International Growth Scheme (IGS) and enhanced it during this year's budget.

International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, the government agency driving Singapore's external economy and works with Singapore-based companies in various stages of growth to help them expand overseas issued this circular which outlines the International Growth Scheme (IGS) in more detail.

In the new globalized world, organization must quickly establish links to new markets, partners, and opportunities. However, scaling globally can present some unique challenges. There are a lot of moving parts when you decide to take your product to new markets across the globe. While certain factors such as obtaining the proper permits and registrations or providing support in the local language might be obvious, it is crucial to ensure that your IT team can deliver always-on services while meeting corporate initiatives to expand the business footprint across borders.


Extending LAN and SAN Connectivity Across Borders


Your data center location dictates your customer experience. In order to deliver consistent and excellent customer service for your customers irrespective of their location, it is essential that you move closer to where your customers are. IT is tasked with providing accelerated, highly secure data replication, server clustering, and workload mobility between geographically dispersed data centres. This enhances business resilience, and helps enable application and data mobility between data centres, while maintaining operational consistency.

In order to do so, one of the most crucial requirement is to have a private Ethernet network solution that can transparently extend LAN and SAN connectivity. This enables high-performance, nonstop access to business-critical applications and information. Moving the data centres closer to your business and users ensures that they have fast and reliable access to your service.

However, building data centres across locations to support your business can be prohibitively expensive and can slow down your time-to-market significantly.


Benefits of Pre-Wired Connectivity


In order to avoid these hassles, save costs while yet benefitting from having a geographically dispersed data centres, organizations should consider solutions such as StarHub's DCNet, which enable a borderless data centre experience by providing pre-wired connectivity to more than 70 locations across Asia and United States.

Through a simple cross connect using a 1G/10G Ethernet interface, DCNet interconnects major cloud and application providers, content distributors, carrier hubs, and other key data centres in Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore, providing you with greater choice in where you collocate and with whom you connect.

The immediate benefit is that you don't have to travel all over Asia to negotiate with different vendors and understand each country's data laws. Access to highly scalable IT infrastructure meant that the service could be turned on in as quick as 5 working days. You can choose from guaranteed bandwidths of 50Mbps to 10Gbps to accommodate your business requirements. As your business grow with the market’s demands, you can even upgrade your bandwidth mid-way, with provisioning as short as 48 hours.

With your IT infrastructure requirements taken care, you can now ensure your organization's economic sustainability in today's uncertain global climate.


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