With StarHub Enterprise Internet, your business enjoys connectivity that drives performance and productivity.

Host high-bandwidth applications onsite

This flexible solution is built for the increasing bandwidth-intensive web applications of today’s business world – enjoy streaming audio and video, high-quality graphics and interactive web content. 

Give your business its own email server

Get everything you need to centrally manage your email system, streamline communications, and reduce costs.

Move up to an Internet-based network

If your business has an older frame relay, you can now upgrade to an
Internet-based Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Enhance internal and external communications

Say it better, faster, richer. StarHub Enterprise Internet supports overlay services such as email, instant messaging, VoIP, electronic newsletters and more. Plus, with its secure and reliable email platform, it also enhances your communication with customers and partners.

Converge and prioritise traffic

By allowing traffic prioritisation and setting a service-level agreement for call quality, this solution can meet the complex demands of converged VoIP and Internet services. 

See how StarHub Business Internet can give your business the ultimate advantage of unmatched availability and reliability.


High performance dedicated connectivity for your critical applications

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Switched Ethernet

Connect your business cost-effectively via an intelligent network service. 

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Clean Pipe

Prevent DDos attack to your network and safeguard your business.

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Internet Bandwidth Utilisation

View your internet bandwidth utilisation and monitor your usage patterns.

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