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A cloud-based software-defined networking approach for your WAN, Wi-Fi and Security.

StarHub Domestic Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution supports distributed enterprises in their digital transformations, by tackling challenges related to optimising bandwidth, improving network agility, integrating and enforcing security.

Domestic SD-WAN is a single service solution that leverages on software-defined architecture to deliver an application-aware network and provide traffic management both inside and outside of the branch. From zero-touch provisioning, monitoring and troubleshooting, this solution allows customisable configuration of network and security policies and enforcement across your WAN and Wi-Fi network.

More importantly, it delivers enhanced visibility of your application traffic to identify and apply the desired network and security policies to optimise and secure your existing network.

A robust networking management tool, with easy to deploy policy control, advanced security, application fingerprinting capabilities, makes Domestic SD-WAN the trusted solution for your growing distributed network demands.

How Domestic SD-WAN works

Domestic SD-WAN solution utilises a central cloud-based controller in concert with SD-WAN appliances to deliver best-in-class networking capabilities and tools to deploy, configure, and manage devices and equipment within a branch location.

Deployed as an overlay over StarHub’s trusted domestic connectivity, Domestic SD-WAN delivers:

  • Zero-touch Provisioning (ZTP) to devices and equipment to the branch
  • Load-sharing across MPLS/Internet links
  • Application visibility and routing
  • Secured connections using IPSec
  • Managed Wi-Fi
  • Build-in Firewall

The centralised cloud-based management controller enables an SD-WAN overlaid VPN, and aggregates network information to provide insights to your company’s network operations. Connecting to the central controller, SD-WAN appliances deployed at each branch (of HQ) provides the policy enforcement point for wired, wireless, security and WAN policies delivering dynamic, policy-based routing and security, hybrid WAN connectivity and IPSec VPN.

The combination of SD-WAN efficiencies with security and policy control, improves overall branch experience and optimises resources so you can focus on meeting your business needs.

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