Scale up with a seamless communication network

As your business grows and gains more opportunities, it requires a bigger team across multiple locations to meet increasing demand. Whether you are in retail or in other verticals, your business will best floruish with flexible, scalable communications solutions tailored to its specific needs.

Let StarHub be your infocomm and IT network partner for seamless business expansion. Our team of experts will review and optimise your infrastructure requirements to ensure not just smoother transitions but bigger cost savings in the long run.

Help me optimise these local expansion needs:

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Seamless LAN and WAN connections with StarHub
Switched Ethernet

Enjoy seamless connectivity between Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN). It's the cost-effective way to stay connected across multiple locations.

Unified communications solution with StarHub
Unified Communications

Stay connected across the board with SmartUC's seamless communications network. Ensure privacy with your own hosted telephony solution, or enjoy convenience with SmartUC on-premise.

Seamless communication and management systems

Branching out, Scaling up

Manage Multiple Locations the Effective Way

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Managed Multi-Link

Protect your business from network outages with StarHub's Managed Multi-Link uninterrupted WAN service levels. Our load-balancing algorithms ensure that all your mission-critical operations are conducted with absolute peace of mind.


Achieve 100% internet availability with network diversity. Increase Internet availability and productivity with DualConnect (Mobile).