Turning Cyber Security Data into Actionable Intelligence
10 August 2016

It takes a lot of resources to properly analyse and neutralise a cyber attack. With new and evolving threats to deal with every day, most cyber security and risk management personnel are overwhelmed with data to a point that they lose their effectiveness in securing their organisation’s digital assets, much less protecting them from any future threats.

A simple query can return overwhelming data across several databases, immediately flooding analysts with information and often causing vital intelligence to be overlooked. This kind of oversight can bring an organisation to a standstill, costing valuable downtime, market confidence and revenue.

When it comes to data overload, how are future-ready organisations separating the 'garbage' from the 'good stuff'?

To enable their cyber analysts to take swift and effective action, more and more organisations are turning to advanced threat-monitoring solutions to transform data into Actionable Intelligence.

Advanced cyber threat monitoring

Combining network monitoring, forensics and analytics, cyber threat monitoring solutions help to make sense of data before they reach analysts. With the “garbage” separated from the “good stuff”, analysts can then gain comprehensive insights they can use to anticipate and take action on threats and breaches immediately.

This intelligence-driven approach to cyber threat management enables the simultaneous gathering of data across multiple databases through machine learning.

With actionable intelligence enterprises can:

  • Determine the risk of attacks and situations in order to prioritise them.
  • Obtain a detailed and complete story about each situation or attack with live updates on their status and the effects they bring about.
  • Disrupt malware communication with the attackers, patch vulnerabilities and reverse changes made by an attack.
  • Uncover previously ‘hidden’ attacks related to current situations or to threats targeting the enterprise.
  • Outwit attackers and increase defence against cyber threats.


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