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14 September 2017

Originally an occasion celebrated solely in the West, the Halloween culture has trickled down to the East, with a fast-growing interest among Singaporeans. Mr Sanee Neo, owner of Customade Costume and Merchandise notes the trend, saying, “Some 10 years ago I saw only Caucasians and expatriates dressing up and partying but now Singaporeans who dress up flood the streets during Halloween”i.


Costume retailers aren’t the only businesses that can profit from the event. Here’s how your business can also tap on Halloween to create new revenue streams:


Decorate your store


Halloween isn’t just an opportunity for consumers to express their creativity. Businesses could also immerse in the fun with themed store fronts to attract passers-by, potentially boost store traffic and even increase chances of customers spreading the word on social media. Be sure to advertise your Halloween-themed promotions with printed or digital signage outside your store.


When planning your theme, consider adding a twist to regular decorations, such as turning normal skeleton props into climbing Halloween skeletons.


Extend the decorations to your business’s digital front as well. For example, try discount pop-ups or banner sliders on your website’s homepage to capture visitors’ attention.


Put a spooky spin to your existing products


Last year, bakers got creative by transforming cookies, brownies and chocolate cakes into quaintly decorated tombstones and props via LessonsGoWhere’s Halloween-themed baking classes.


The online platform, which enables customers to learn skills from languages to culinary arts, saw an uptick of 60% in bookings during the Halloween period.

This is because of the appeal of limited edition products, as demonstrated by Twelve Cupcakes. By simply turning classics like Red Velvet and Rainbow Vanilla cupcakes into specially decorated ‘monster cupcakes’, a spokesperson noted that “all the customers steered towards the limited-edition Halloween” options on display.

Organise contests and promotions


Take the opportunity to boost your business profile with unique and fun promotions. Last year, restaurants like popular nightspot Ce La Vie offered complimentary entry for those who embodied the Halloween spirit in full costume. Besides adding to the overall theme and atmosphere of the occasion, it generates buzz and free publicity through partygoers who post their pictures on social media.


Your business can hold social media contests like selfie competitions that encourage user-generated content while customers participate in the Halloween fun. 

Go local


Take your cue from Jason Horkin, senior vice president of attractions at RWS, who notes that “horror with a distinctively Singapore flavour has been a big hit with fans”ii in past iterations of Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights.


Businesses like travel platform Go Away achieve this by capitalising on existing folklore, organising night trails along rumoured haunts like Changi and Bukit Batok.iii


With all the fun and excitement around the festivity, you can also consider using Halloween as a team building opportunity. Many businesses throw Halloween themed parties or costumed dinner and dances as a way for colleagues to come together in a laidback, enjoyable setting.


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