Reasons to change your legacy phone system
09 November 2016
Moving with the times

The times, they are a-changing. This old adage has never been more true today than ever before. Many businesses are already engaged in tremendous efforts in growing their business and fighting their competitors, yet, one of the key tools in this fight is embracing digital technology to aid your wins and market share. If you have not heard of Unified Communications and how they have become a game-changer in business communications, then now is time to start looking seriously to make the switch.

Reason #1: Old technology in the new world

There was a time when leaving a voice message was a really forward-looking technology adopted by the serious enterprise. If you are still relying on this old telephony technology to be at the core of your communications system, you need to think again. The workforce today has evolved. Not only are the people no longer tied to their desks, even their telephony equipment have change over time. Chances are your phone system is not able to keep up with the move towards a mobile enabled workforce. Features like chat, notifications, reminders that simultaneously appear on the computer and their personal phones will likely not be part of your office phone system.

Reason #2: The bottomless pit of upgrades

It is highly likely that you are using a reputable phone system. It is also reasonable to assume that your chosen solution have upgrade options. Even if they do not have, there will be vendors who have already identified the short-comings and have solutions ready for you to add more functionality to your current system. As these are all hardware-based solutions, you will need to keep adding or change equipment whether you are increasing in terms of capabilities or capacity. If you make that leap to a Unified Communications solution like StarHub's SmartUC, these kinds of patch-work updates will not be a bother for you anymore.

Reason #3: Your business is changing

Many companies today find that they need to set up satellite offices quickly to be closer to the market, closer to key customers or for expansion. Also, many workers today are no longer desk bound and require more than just a phone to operate effectively. All these point to the fact that legacy systems need to be updated so as to accommodate the needs of the digital age.

Reason #4: It is not difficult

Unified Communications is the way to go, and the good news is that this shift is not difficult. Businesses can make the shift gradually by incorporating new Unified Communications feature in the cloud. It is possible to have both the legacy system and the new UC working together.

If you have never considered upgrading your legacy phone system, now is the time to start looking into this. Unified Communications is not just about cost savings. It is an opportunity to incorporate new best practices that have been proven to improve work effectiveness and better team collaboration. With StarHub’s SmartUC solution, you can make the move painlessly and quickly.


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