Making your voice heard with digital marketing
30 June 2016

The digital world has become an imperative platform for staying in business, and the market for solutions that help businesses with their advertising grows by the day. But not all options available are reliable or beneficial for your business. We help separate the wheat from the chaff with a short selection of efficient solutions.   

Mobile Studio

Close to a third of the local population makes purchases via mobile1, within the few years it has taken to enable commerce to be made possible over this relatively new medium. Mobile usage is undeniably rising steadily, and the mobile platform now holds a 41% share on all website viewing, a 17% leap from last year.


If you are willing to shell out for a comprehensive mobile marketing solution, opt for Marketing Cloud’s Mobile Studio that lets you connect to each customer on an individual level. You can conduct two-way communication, track how much time your customers spend on your app, and even send them location-specific messages using their geolocation feature.


An increasingly educated consumer base demands to know more about the products and services available to them, and how these services add value to their lives.

“The best way to connect to shrewd customers is to provide them with concrete information about what your SME has to offer.”

This is accomplished through content marketing. Contrary to popular belief, content marketing does not have to be limited to articles or blog posts. Infographics are a viable option if you want to get the point across in a shorter amount of time. In the past year the use of infographics in B2C marketing has risen from 45% last year to 62% this year. If you don’t have a graphic designer on-hand to generate professional-grade infographics, Piktochart is a good alternative. It helps you generate visually appealing, concise infographics that give consumers key information at a glance.


Use the opportunity to not only create informative content but content that is attention-grabbing enough for consumers to share on social media. An easy way to do this is to bring your infographic to life with videos, which Piktochart enables.

Social Mention

Currently, 64% of the local population is active on social media2 and most businesses are already tapping into this expanding medium to spread the word on their brand.


But social media, like other forms of communication, is a two-way street. It’s not simply about consumers hearing your voice, but you listening to their feedback as well. It is thus important to detect and analyse your brand’s online presence and reception in the social sphere. Social Mention is a free website that lets you do just this. Not only does it let you see if your product is generating buzz, but gives you a general gauge of public sentiment on your product as well, ranging from positive, negative to neutral.  


As important as social media is, your website is where people can get the most information on your business and its services. Track how effective your web page is with SimilarWeb which gives you detailed information on your website including country ranking and traffic sources, so you know if your ads are converting into clicks. If you find the SimilarWeb price tag a bit too steep for your business, Google Analytics is a free and effective option.  

GlobalWeb Index
“In the age of content-based marketing and smarter consumers, it’s important to have all the facts at your fingertips.”

The GlobalWeb Index blog is regularly updated with global statistics that could prove useful in a myriad of situations. Its statistics include the percentage of people who use social media to research products, and which medium is the most effective for advertisements. Your business can capitalise on such information to make strategic marketing moves, not only in Singapore, but worldwide.


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