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6 December 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, it’s useful to reflect on current trends and patterns. Just as the trends of 2017 carried on into this year, so will most of this year’s trends stretch into the New Year.

Are you wondering what the future holds for your business? Here are the key business trends and predictions for 2019:

Marketing is getting more personalised


With the new developments in technology and innovative solutions, the marketing space is getting more competitive. Cold calls to action and generic campaigns will no longer attract consumers who are looking for high-value and personalised content.

To build a successful marketing strategy, ensure you understand your target audience and speak directly to your customers.

2019 will see an increase in email personalisation and the use of artificial intelligence as a critical marketing tool. Businesses are increasingly utilising chatbots and virtual and augmented reality to build a positive brand image through creative campaigns which stand out from the competition.

Start the New Year with StarHub’s Smart Retail Suite to personalise promotions for your customers. Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging on valuable data analytics, automating business processes and increasing productivity.

The importance of new communication channels and social media


In the coming year, expect an increase in the number of advertisers on social media platforms such as Facebook. More companies will embrace paid social ads, and more competition will characterise the 2019 landscape.

To build brand loyalty and attract consumers, you will have to stand out from the crowd and engage your audience. Merely posting or tweeting will not be enough, there will be a need to engage consumers in real time.

By 2021, the number of live videos will have grown 15-fold over a 5 year period, accounting for 13% of Internet video traffici.

This year’s surge in popularity and use of live streaming will continue on into 2019. Live streaming is a useful tool which allows the audience to engage with the material and feel more connected.

The modern workplace is evolving


Workplace conditions are getting better as more businesses change the way they approach work spaces to increase productivity.

Workplace behaviour will improve in the new environment, and there will be an increase in the availability of new technology to equip office spaces with tools that will increase productivity.

The approach towards traditional working hours will also change, with more flexibility in working options for workers, such as the option to work away from the office.

Need a connectivity solution that supports a mobile workforce? StarHub SmartUC allows your mobile team to manage their calls from an IP phone, mobile or laptop via a single number.

Explosion in the e-commerce industry


The e-commerce industry is rapidly evolving and getting more pervasive.

There has been an increase in reliance on e-commerce services, be it for fashion, food or transportation.

The dividing line between real-life and digital life is getting increasingly blurred, with chatbots, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and robots.

It is projected that global B2C e-commerce sales will reach more than $3.4 trillion in 2019.ii

With a projection like that, ensure you implement efficient business processes so you can stay ahead of the game.

Leverage on content, email, social media, and referral marketing to boost your sales. Ensure that you focus on your customer’s needs and stand out from the crowd through targeted marketing strategies.


Stay ahead of the competition and use these tips to future-proof your company against the ever-changing business landscape.


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