How Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Makes IT Managers More Productive
18 August 2015 by Sam Ng

Managing data centre infrastructure has traditionally been a tedious and often manual process, confined to the hardware stack. Without proper insights into data centre health, or the capability to pre-empt disruptions, IT managers can only fire-fight in the dark.

The move towards mobility, automation, and energy efficiency, among others, is driving data centre management functions into the software layer. Such software-defined data centres give IT managers ‘anywhere, anytime’ control – and the metrics needed to adjust computing resources and power usage on the fly.

With access to real-time and historical analytics, IT managers can now be armed with the intelligence to make more informed, proactive capacity decisions. Beyond infrastructure management, a software-defined data centre allows you to

  • work more efficiently with more storage, more power, and flexible payment models,
  • protect your data from attacks, intruders and natural disasters like fires and floods,
  • and keep your business open without interruptions, to cater to always-on customers

Download the infographic below to discover the 5 key factors that IT managers should look at when investing in a Data centre.


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5 things you can do with StarHub Data Centre

Imagine being able to see the temperature reading of each rack in your data centre. And then adjusting each one accordingly. Then imagine setting new protocols. Viewing event and activity logs. Receiving alerts and notifications on the status of your servers. And reports of health of your network connectivity.

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