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An Interview with Pearlyn Peh, Sales Manager, PAUL Singapore

01 December 2020

"With StarHub’s Mobile Office, we're able to bridge our 130-year traditions with new technologies to deliver quality brand experiences for our customers and improve business productivity."

As an industry deep-rooted in traditional processes aimed at maintaining quality, F&B businesses have always struggled with digital adoption more than some industries. However, the global crisis has brought about massive disruption to the industry, challenging it to rethink new mobile strategies to stay agile in this new norm.

Pearlyn Peh, Sales Manager of PAUL Singapore, shares how StarHub’s Mobile Office enables PAUL to stay ahead of disruption while staying true to its 130-year rich heritage.

PAUL Singapore is a French restaurant and bakery that prides itself on its traditions. Consistency is one of PAUL’s values - to retain its quality and taste, every PAUL outlet flies in ingredients directly from France and all chefs adopt the same traditional recipes faithfully.


Catering to the New Normal

“Working on-the-go has been increasingly important, and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G has been a great device when using Microsoft 365 tools and apps for out-of-office collaborations.”

When the pandemic happened, PAUL and most F&B chains in Singapore, saw a drastic dip in sales, especially in-store. The rise of online ordering resulted PAUL leveraging on their existing catering website for online customer orders, with key tweaks in delivery time from 3 days advanced order to next day delivery to adapt with the changing consumer behaviour. This not only helps to speed up orders, but it also boosts the quality of customer service with its faster delivery times.

The new normal saw Pearlyn having to be more efficient on-the-go, especially with the added retail channel of online orders. She shares that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is a capable device that allows her to work from anywhere, and fulfils customer online orders on-the-go, keeping the brand competitive and responsive.

As Pearlyn noted, “the Samsung S20 device is optimised for Windows so checking and updating Microsoft documents are easy to execute, especially with the big screen as well.” This allows Pearlyn to also update her team on the sales orders using Microsoft apps and OneDrive through her mobile wherever she is.

Equipped with Samsung Knox, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G protects confidential information when working on-the-go. Being the main contact person between PAUL and its customers, Pearlyn handles business-sensitive information and the Samsung Knox Security Platform provides assurance that all information stored in the phone is secured so she can work in confidence knowing her customer data is safe.

Pearlyn highlighted the convenience of Samsung DeX, saying that “the seamless sync function of the Samsung DeX means I can edit my tasks on-the-go, and plug in the mobile device to launch Samsung DeX in-office and continue working from where I left off. Splendidly seamless!”

Connecting to Customer Is Key

“When I’m not in the office, customer calls are still redirected to my mobile with SmartUC so we’re able to respond to customers fast.”

At PAUL, ensuring quality and consistency while delivering exceptional customer service is at the heart of the business. Mobile productivity allows sales professionals like Pearlyn to respond to customers fast and work on-the-go, achieving better work-life balance.

As a sales manager, taking customer calls and client meetings are her core scope of work, and juggling both simultaneously is important so she can stay connected to her customers. Pearlyn shares that despite spending more time out of the office, she remains easily contactable through SmartUC on her mobile, so every customer call is attended to, even when she is out for client meetings.

With 5G Trial Service, downloading sales materials and sending over to potential customers post-meeting can be done almost instantly, delivering unrivalled customer service in the competitive F&B industry.

Digitalisation from B2C to B2B

“The F&B industry is very fast-paced so we must always be ready to adapt to various situations and StarHub’s Mobile Office enables us to do just that – both internally and externally.”

PAUL’s and StarHub’s vision for the future of businesses are well-aligned – innovating to stay ahead of disruption. Whether it is back or front-end, PAUL is well equipped to be mobile-ready to keep pace with new technologies.

For PAUL’s B2C segment, the marketing team constantly updates the website with the latest promotions and menus. The implementation of table QR codes for contactless mobile orderings eliminates the need of physical contact.

When it comes to their B2B customers, PAUL manages their orders through an F&B procurement platform, which is linked to their Outlook once an order is being received. The instantaneous process from placing an order to receiving the order means Pearlyn and her sales team can stay responsive to confirm customer orders fast.

Once the orders have been confirmed, updating, and tracking them using OneDrive for both key management and internal teams is important to keep all parties in the know of the filled orders for a smooth delivery process.

5G: Recipe for Future Success

"At PAUL, we’re proud of our traditions and values and we’re always excited for new technologies like 5G to bring our traditions to life.”

With the introduction of 5G, F&B businesses like PAUL are presented with opportunities to take the brand to the next level and see 5G as a gamechanger. Beyond providing fast and reliable connectivity, 5G allows F&B businesses to achieve food consistency and exceptional customer service through augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

AR can also be leveraged by F&B business for chef trainings. Research has shown that AR is a great tool when it comes to estimating serving sizes1, and this will help PAUL and other F&B businesses to attain consistency in their food servings.

AR can also alleviate the overall brand and customer experience with interactive, AR-designed menus where customers can have a 3D visual representation of the dishes as well as key information of the dish from nutritional information to portion size.

Beyond AR and VR, 5G enables F&B businesses to automate labour-intensive processes using IoT and robotics to digitally transform them into a smart F&B business of the future.

PAUL has successfully transformed from a traditional brick-and-mortar brand to an integrated offline-online model thanks to mobile productivity solutions and the advent of 5G. Today with StarHub, they continue their digitalisation journey to inject the old with the new for enhanced operational efficiency and improved customer experience.

Ready to future-proof your F&B business with 5G? Embrace the future of work with StarHub's Mobile Office today.

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