Benefits of Endpoint Detection and Response

Real time prevention

Real-time prevention against data tampering and exfiltration.

Low on false positives

One alert per active threat. Only alerting on end of kill-chain events, hence drastically reducing number of false positives.

Full visibility and control

Provides information about all communication applications from the endpoints and the ability to apply communication control policies on them.

Frictionless security

Allowing business-as-usual on compromised machines with zero impact on business operations – including no performance degradation on compromised machines.


With StarHub Managed EDR, you can reap the benefits of Advanced Cyber Threat Protection through:


Operational efficiency
  • StarHub Security Operations Centre acts as a virtual extension of your organisation's internal cyber security resource to detect and remediate advanced targeted attacks.
  • Advanced forensic capabilities to allow for detailed forensic investigations on attacks while threat is contained.
  • Remediation can be performed remotely.
  • Pinpoints the threat and evidence trail leading to the theft / ransomware attempt.


Preventive Security
  • Provides visibility on all communication originating from all endpoint applications.
  • Control policies to only allow authorized outbound communications from endpoint applications.
  • Prevents - in real-time - against data theft and tampering when the device is compromised.


Frictionless Security
  • Dramatically reduce risk from advanced and simple attacks.
  • Enabling business-as-usual in compromised environments - no need machine isolation for remediation purposes


Find out how our Managed EDR solution can enhance security at your organisation.

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