DataJump for just $10!

Boost your business in one jump.

For just $10, DataJump gives you more data whether you are on the S/M/L/XL plan.

The bigger your plan, the more data you can add! DataJump's the perfect add-on, whether you’re already on a

mobile/SIM Only plan, about to recontract or looking to sign up for a new mobile line!

DataJump on a 2-year mobile plan

Check out our 2-year mobile contract plans below and the data amount you can add with DataJump.

With SIM Only Plans.

DataJump FAQ


Enabling your business communication needs. Anytime, anywhere.

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Business Roaming

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MaxMobile Plans (Data only)

StarHub Mobile Broadband - Enjoy Internet access everywhere you go. No hotspots required.

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