Android zero-touch enrollment gives you the IT admin and end-user features.
  1. Enforced Security & Control for Organizations
    • Manage fleets of devices with enforced management and security to protect your brand
    • Enforce security policies and restriction
    • Ensure devices remain registered and re-enrolled after any factory reset
  2. Growing Platform, Simple and Flexible for IT
    • Take advantage of expanding device choice as the Android-wide program grows to include more and different devices
    • Create device configurations in the cloud and have them automatically pushed to devices during setup
  3. Increase Productivity for Users
    • Create a win-win for your IT team and employees by freeing up your helpdesk and getting employees productive faster
    • Customize each device to give your users the configurations, security and apps your business need
    • Enable employees to self-enroll during a simple setup process on the device, without IT assistance
    • Automate inventory-management input.


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*Android is a trademark of Google LLC.

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