In the world of finance,
trustworthiness is everything


Are you a US-, UK-, EU-, HK- or Japan-based bank or financial services company? Or are you a local company that deals with customers in these regions?


You’re probably required to record all communications–including transactional calls over mobile phones–as part of regulation laws in those countries. Failing to do so could result in hefty fines and loss of customer trust if you’re found to be in regulatory violation.


So how can you ensure your company stays compliant? What can you do protect your business reputation and maintain your customers’ trust?

Compliant Mobile Recording helps you
build trust and transparency


Be able to comply with regulations conveniently and securely by having the capability to record all mobile calls automatically.


This network-based service automatically records all incoming and outgoing calls without users needing to download or launch an app. Bypassing the recording platform is thus eliminated, and helps you ensure all your people are compliant.

What can Compliant Mobile Recording do?
StarHub compliant mobile recording

Record calls locally and overseas

Automatically records all mobile calls in Singapore and more than 140 other countries.

Check the excluded operators that does not support call back service in the country you are visiting.

StarHub provides faster set up of calls

Set calls up faster and fully capture them

Faster set up of both incoming and outgoing calls, and are automatically recorded. Bypassing the recording platform is eliminated.

record calls regardless of device with StarHub

Record calls regardless of device

Device-agnostic and can support all types of devices–whether Android and iOS.

call recording management with StarHub

Store recordings with security
and flexibility

Choose to record to on-premise, hosted and/or cloud loggers, depending on your requirements.

high-quality call recording through StarHub

Record 100% of calls with high quality

Captures all calls in high quality even if all users are calling at the same time.  There’s no getting around the system–unrecorded calls are dropped.

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