SmartSIP helps you simplify your business operations while cutting costs.

Cost savings

As a single SmartSIP Trunk can support up to 1,000 channels, multiple Trunks become unnecessary. Unlike with ISDN, which typically supports 30 or 60 channels. Also, with Per Second Billing, you pay only for what you use and not a second more.

Operational efficiency

Traditionally, a large deployment, over hundreds of channels, would require multiple ISDN connections and PBX systems. With SmartSIP, you can scale up to 1,000 channels on a single SmartSIP Trunk,. This makes it easier to deploy and manage.

Protect your investments

PSTN and ISDN services will be turned off in 2025. SmartSIP is the natural replacement without needing to completely replace your PBX equipments. 

Future-proof solution

Future proof your communication systems by moving to a SIP Trunk based telephony solution, the foundation for modern unified communications solutions for your business.

Transform your business communications with SmartSIP

SmartSIP for Teams Calling

Unify your business phone and Microsoft Teams in one platform, for all your internal and external communications

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IDD 018

Save more when you call overseas with per second billing and all day flat rates.

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Enjoy unified converged, mobile and phone line services across multiple devices for your business.

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