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StarHub and Software AG have teamed up to offer an end-to-end 5G-ready IoT service to help

organisations in Singapore accelerate IoT implementations on a massive scale.

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Adopt an end-to-end 5G-ready IoT platform


Learn how this IoT-as-a-Service brings together connectivity, device management, integration, real-time intelligent insights in a single platform

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Blog: A platform for massive IoT

From transportation to smart utilities, 5G with its ability to support an unprecedented million devices per square kilometre is set to revolutionise IoT with massive deployments.

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StarHub 5G IoT Platform at a Glance

Get to know more about StarHub's 5G ready end-to-end IoT platform

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Discover how you can get your IoT journey started with minimum outlay and quick results

5G for Business

5G is set to positively impact a broad swathe of industries, potentially putting early adopters far ahead of their competitors. 

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Leverage on the power of big data to make an informed data-driven business decision.

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Local Connectivity

Connect your multiple office locations with direct connectivity islandwide with 2Mbps - 100Gbps.

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