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Smart Facilities

  • Real-time monitoring of floor occupancy and seating to ensure social-distancing
  • Monitoring of toilets and common areas to optimize cleaning workforce
  • Tracking of cleaning robots and shuttle bus using geo-fencing to ensure operational efficiency​
  • Real-time monitoring of car park to pre-empt overcrowding issues​


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  • Real-time vehicle tracking, driver performance and preventive maintenance to improve fleet operational efficiency
  • Continuous automated inspection of bus condition, schedule maintenance activities, and predict asset failure to reduce downtime
  • With additional data like weather, road conditions, the operations director can analyse them and act accordingly to optimize the fleet


  • With temperature, vibration, and moisture sensors, IoT makes it possible to track energy usage across water, electricity and gas smart grid meters
  • This real-time data collection, utility companies can predict demand more accurately, spot outages, conduct preventative maintenance
  • Optimise energy production to minimise waste and environmental emissions


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5G for Business

5G is set to positively impact a broad swathe of industries, potentially putting early adopters far ahead of their competitors. 

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Leverage on the power of big data to make an informed data-driven business decision.

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Local Connectivity

Connect your multiple office locations with direct connectivity islandwide with 2Mbps - 100Gbps.

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