All-in-one IoT Platform

StarHub's business-ready IoT platform provides everything you need to deploy IoT for your digital requirements. It’s an end-to-end plug and play IoT environment that connects you quickly to a wide variety of devices and networks. No arduous software development is needed to connect them.


Hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud, StarHub’s IoT platform offers 99.95% uptime for the most critical apps. It delivers performance, agility, and easy management so businesses can quickly build an IoT solution from scratch.


StarHub’s IoT platform works with various connectivity options that range from Wi-Fi, to current and future mobile networks. Whether you are linking up with 4G, LP-WAN or taking advantage of the massive connection and low latency possibilities of 5G, StarHub has you covered.


With security at the forefront, you can manage identities and ensure access control with a zero-trust security approach. This approach ensures your apps and data are protected and offers proactive security against cyber threats via health monitoring and regular backups.


Device Management

  • Use a single console to manage thousands of IoT devices from start to end: onboard, monitor and maintain
  • Register multiple devices in bulk and consolidate your data, all on one dashboard push updates
  • Do away with the complexity of multiple interfaces and setup routine maintenance with centrally managed and remote device access

Integrated Analytics

  • Turn your raw IoT data into actionable insights, provide real time visualisation with customized dashboard
  • Provide self-service capabilities to business units and operational managers who need a holistic view of the data
  • Build custom dashboards to monitor and analyse IoT data in real-time. Use predictive modelling to spot anomalies and receive notifications via e-mail or SMS

Service Integration

  • Integrate your IoT solutions with your enterprise apps. Whether they are on-cloud, or on premise, these apps are compatible with StarHub’s IoT platform
  • Secure exposure to APIs so you can feed real-time data from the IoT devices to applications, as well as the microservices you use
  • Connect to an API (application programming interface) instead of coding on a blank page


Application Enablement

  • Our pre-integrated platform makes it easy to create custom apps without having to start from scratch
  • Work with StarHub to get your apps up to speed with a microservice development kit that makes work a breeze

Discover how you can get your IoT journey started with minimum outlay and quick results

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