5G use cases, articles & reports

At StarHub, we want to develop a vibrant 5G ecosystem to benefit both individual and business mobile users. We are always on the lookout to establish business partnerships with industry players to co-create new capabilities and deliver cutting-edge applications.

5G use cases

Smart aviation – A smarter and safer airport

The global 5G aviation market is projected to reach US$4.2 billion by 2026, as this next-gen mobile technology is rolled out across the globe. With its rich suite of capabilities, 5G will enable a plethora of services to enrich the airport experience, as well as to improve airport security and the safety of planes on the operational front.

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Smart broadcast – Taking broadcasting to a new height

5G will redefine the boundaries of what is possible with live outdoor broadcasts. With support for a device density of up to a million devices per square kilometre, significantly higher bandwidth and lower network latency, broadcasters can leverage 5G to enhance viewers’ experiences and engagement in the most demanding environments. 

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5G articles & analyst reports

Article – Is your business ready for 5G?

Forward-thinking business leaders are already preparing for 5G. Evaluate how best to ride the upcoming wave of mobile transformation and harness new capabilities to pull ahead of your competitors. 

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Article – Discover 5G for business

Designed as the next big step forward in cellular technology, 5G is the new face of mobile wireless communications. With significantly increased bandwidth, ultra-fast speed, support for greater device density, and ultra-low latency communications, 5G is expected to benefit both consumers and businesses.

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Article – How 5G will accelerate Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 consists of activities ranging from smart manufacturing, connected supply chain to autonomous equipment. What exactly does 5G offer, and how can an improved mobile technology have such a profound impact on the face of business?

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5G news

StarHub and U Mobile successfully complete 5G standalone multi-party cross-border video call
5 October 2020
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First to say Hello 5G with StarHub
17 August 2020
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Media statement: StarHub receives 5G spectrum rights
24 June 2020
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StarHub receives provisional 5G license
29 April 2020
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M1 and StarHub Submitted Joint Bid for 5G License
17 February 2020
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StarHub and M1 to Submit Joint Bid for 5G License
23 January 2020
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5G Powers Joint Industry Developments in New NYP-StarHub Centre
7 January 2020
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StarHub and U Mobile Partner to be One of the First in the World to Conduct 5G SA Roaming Trials
30 December 2019
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NUS, StarHub to Pilot 5G VR and AI Solutions in a Net-Zero Energy Building
13 December 2019
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