5G Industry Use Cases - Manufacturing

Accelerate your business with 5G. Designed for performance, ultra-low latency, and extreme device densities, 5G is the next-gen cellular technology that StarHub is rolling out. The road to the future starts with 5G.

Industry 4.0

By complementing or even eliminating the need for the traditional wired connectivity, 5G can accelerate today’s industry capabilities to meet future’s demand with a greater degree of scalability.

Critical manufacturing activities and processes requires low latency and high reliability wireless connectivity. High bandwidth and connectivity density that are also secure at the same time are other requirements for the smart industry. No doubt that 5G is strongly positioned to replace wired connectivity to transform the manufacturing industry.

Business & Operations Outcome:

  • Improved safety with minimal disruption
  • Achieve consistent quality control
  • Smarter and robust workforce

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