Supercharge your business with light speed private data transfer

Keep your business secured and connected on the high-speed with StarHub Optical Network. Designed for enterprises based in Singapore, it delivers guaranteed gigabit-speed connectivity to support all your core and backup operations.

StarHub Optical Network operates at Layer 1, enabling real-time transmissions of large data with low latency and high reliability. It increases flexibility and efficiency with its ability to transport, and multiplex different services onto high-capacity wavelengths across the optical network.

Connection Options


Point-to-Point connectivity over a dedicated private link that supports high bandwidth transfers with low latency and a high degree of transparency and reliability.

  • Supports up to 100Gbps bandwidth
  • End-to-end protection of circuit backed by dedicated equipment
Dense Wavelength Service (DWS)

High speed optical network designed with fibre ring protection over the StarHub DWDM network to provide a maximum network uptime availability

  • Supports up to 100Gbps bandwidth
  • Does not require rack space

Why StarHub?

Assurance on Business Continuity
Gain a peace of mind with our committed availability SLA that promises quality, reliability, security, and gigabit speed, with no technical hiccups
Support Critical Transmissions
Execute mission-critical data transmissions with high-speed transport, which enables access to large databases and transaction-intensive applications
Enjoy Greater Flexibility
Scale up from 1Gbps to 100Gbps base speed easily, with quick and incremental service provisioning to cater to your operational needs
Extensive Network
Covered more than 50 data centres and extensive fibre coverage for fast provisioning of circuits to data centres and offices worldwide
Streamline IT resources
Gain access to our 24-hour technical support by our qualified team of network management experts based in Singapore
Private and Secured Connection
Dedicated connectivity via StarHub’s fully owned private fibre optic network, with option on fibre encryption to ensure maximum network traffic security
Minimise downtime
Ensure data security over our dedicated private connection at all times with Fibre encryption and options for full redundancy and automatic Fibre reroute paths
Ultra High Biandwidth up to 100Gbps
Different wavelengths to carry up to 100G services on multiple channels without bandwidth bottlenecks over StarHub’s DWDM network
Low Latency
Low-latency optical networks to process huge amount of data in milliseconds

Unleash your organisation's potential with StarHub's high performance Optical Network today

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