End-to-end Cable Broadband access and Internet connectivity for resellers
Featuring comprehensive, end-to-end broadband access solutions with Internet connectivity, StarHub Wholesale Broadband Access offers ISPs and resellers flexible, reliable and customisable solutions to move and scale quickly in meeting the exacting demands of their customers.


StarHub's Wholesale Broadband Access Services comprises the following features and specifications:
  • The Services are based on DOCSIS 1.1 and DOCSIS 3.0 specifications.
  • The Services offer the following speeds:
    • up to 2Mbps downstream and up to 256Kbps upstream for WBAS 2M
    • up to 6Mbps downstream and up to 256kbps upstream for WBAS 6M (based on DOCSIS 1.1); and
    • up to 100Mbps downstream and up to 2Mbps upstream for WBAS 100M (based on DOCSIS 3.0)

Find out how StarHub's Wholesale Broadband Access Service can help your business.

Local Connectivity

Connect your multiple office locations with direct connectivity islandwide with 2Mbps - 100Gbps.

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International Connectivity

International network infrastructure for enterprises in Singapore requiring international connectivity.

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