StarHub O.N.E. Phone Service


1. What is O.N.E. Phone Service?

O.N.E. Phone is an integrated communication system that combines both fixed and mobile lines to provide voice, video and data communication to users, anywhere within Singapore.

2. What are the equipments required to use O.N.E. Phone?

A mobile handset and Integrated Access Device (IAD)/IP Phone.

3. What are the key benefits of O.N.E. Phone?

  • Advanced technology – An integrated communication that is a converged both Mobile and Fixed line. Customers get full standard PSTN functions with local calls, IDD calls and Internet Calls (VoIP).
  • High Mobility – With the Fixed line directly link to customer's Mobile line, customer remain contactable anywhere in Singapore.
  • Substantial Cost Savings – With free unlimited calls between employees and bundled minutes given to external calls, company can expect a great reduction in cost compared to traditional telephone system
  • Low Infrastructure Cost – A scalable system in which company can just pay what is currently needing now and expand according when required.
  • Full Control – A web portal given to admin and individual users allows the company to manage/configure O.N.E. Phone functions.

4. Who will benefit from using O.N.E. Phone?

  • SME & Medium sized businesses
  • Companies with mobile workforce
  • Companies that do not want to have huge investments in PABX system
  • Start up companies

5. If I am overseas, will my O.N.E. Phone still work?

Once you are overseas, your O.N.E. Phone will not work. However, customer can still reach you via your Mobile number. Roaming charges are applicable.

6. If I made an outgoing call via Mobile or Fixed line, what number will appear at receiver's phone?

If you call from your mobile, your mobile number will appear at receiver's phone. Similarly, if you call from your fixed line, your fixed number will appear at receiver's phone.