Cessation of TV Monde Style HD


1. Why is StarHub ceasing TV5Monde Style HD (Ch 150)?

We are discontinuing TV5Monde Style HD (Ch 150) on 29 Nov 2019, 11am as part of our on-going efforts to streamline our TV offerings.


2. Will there be a replacement channel once TV5Monde Style HD (Ch 150) is ceased?

The respective account managers will be reaching out to the affected customers to assist on the channel replacement.


3. Will StarHub be reducing the price of my TV5Monde Asie add-on Pack subscription once TV5Monde Style HD (Ch 150) has ceased?

There will be no bill reduction as TV5Monde Style HD (Ch 150) is offered as a complimentary channel when subscribed to TV5Monde Asie add-on Pack.


4. What is the last programme showing on TV5Monde Style HD (Ch 150)?

The last programme to be shown on TV5Monde Style HD (Ch 150) will be TENDANCE XXI from 10.28am to 11am.