FAQ - My Business Account

  1. What is StarHub My Business Account?

    StarHub My Business Account is an interactive portal that gives you control over your telco spending and billing information. This service is free for all StarHub Business customers.

  2. How do I register for My Business Account?

    In order to access My Business Account portal, you are required to have an Enterprise ID.

    For more information about Enterprise ID, visit Enterprise ID Support.

  3. What are the available services on StarHub My Business Account?

    Once your account has been successfully activated, you will be able to access the following:

    • View and download e-bills.
      • Bills and records can be downloaded in PDF format.
      • Authorised Officers may check the outstanding and payment details.
    • Dashboard and reports available to track usage and expenses*.
      • Authorised Officers may view and customize reports by tagging individual users and departments.
      • Authorised Officers may assign user rights to individual users. Users are given access to view individual spending or bills.
    • Check recontract eligibility and submit interest to recontract line(s).
    • Management of Business mobile Value-Added Services (VAS)*#
      • Authorised Officers may bulk subscribe or unsubscribe to mobile VASes for all users.
      • Individual users may submit request to subscribe or unsubscribe to mobile VASes for Authorised Officers' approval.
    • Manage or modify service line information*
      • Authorised Officers may add or update users' information at the service line level such as employee's name, ID, department, cost center and/or handset model.

      *Only applicable to Business mobile services.
      Log in to see list of VAS supported on My Business Account, or you may activate your account here.

  4. Who do I contact for enquiries?

    Should you have any enquiries about My Business Account, email businesshelpdesk@starhub.com.