Keep festive distractions from destroying your productivity

25 Oct 2018

With the festive season drawing near, it can be difficult to stay on-target with professional goals and bring in end-of-year sales. However, there are ways to stay productive and still enjoy the holidays. Being productive doesn’t just mean working better or harder, it also means taking time to rejuvenate yourself, which will help you refocus on your goals in the coming year.

Here are some tips to keep productivity high this holiday season:

Stay on track with productivity tools

The holidays are a perfect time to introduce productivity tools to ensure you stay on track and minimise distractions.

Tools such as the Pomodoro technique help break your work into manageable bite-sized task portions. You work on a specific task or project for 25 minutes straight without any distractions and allow yourself a five minute break to use the bathroom, get some fresh air, or have a snack. Mark off each 25 minute round and note down any distractions you might have had. After you’ve completed four rounds of Pomodoros you earn yourself a longer break of 15 to 20 minutes.

Other techniques like the Seinfeld method ensure you work consistently every day. The Seinfeld makes you accountable to yourself as you mark tasks off a calendar and see when you ‘break the chain’.

It’s all about managing tasks and having the determination to stick to a program - don’t forget to treat yourself to a longer break once you achieve your task goals!

In-office Celebrations to create a festive atmosphere

Get the team together through fun events which will inspire their creativity and simultaneously celebrate the festive season. Solve puzzles over games like Christmas Charades, or host a charity fundraiser event like a bake-off to celebrate the festive season.

For a light-hearted approach, plan an Office Christmas Party with a scrumptious feast and entertainment with a prize for best-dressed.

Team work is an essential way to encourage creativity and promote a positive office atmosphere.

Showing your workers you appreciate them by rewarding them with some time off to kick back and enjoy the festivities will boost team morale and prepare them for the New Year.

Have the team create resolutions to meet company visions

Research conducted by The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) shows that employees are more motivated when their own personal values are in some way aligned with those of their employer.i

Encourage your workers to be innovative and have a personal stake and interest in the company. Inspire them to want to create growth, both for themselves and for your company. Get them together to set team and personal resolutions and hold discussions to allow for open communication.

This period is a good time to communicate ideas and share grievances. It is important for workers to feel heard and that they have a manager to trust and confide in. By opening channels of communication, workers will be more inclined to taking a personal interest in the company.

The festive season is a perfect time to set resolutions and start the New Year afresh, determined and inspired.

Spend time to reconnect with clients through giving & visitations

The festive season is the perfect time to add that personal touch and win back customers and new ones alike.

Reconnect your business to its core values and make your brand memorable through inspiring gifts like food, festive tokens, or customised offerings.

Your customers don’t just value your goods and services, but also that human connection that makes them feel valued and special. Visitations are therefore an essential component to festive gifting to add that special thoughtfulness.

Reconnecting with your clients in this manner allows you to keep in line with the festive spirit of giving whilst staying in touch with your project goals.


The festive season is certainly a time for relaxation and rejuvenation, but don’t let this distract you from your business goals. Instead, use this to your advantage to boost team morale, increase customer interest and achieve your targets.


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