Uncompromised Public Safety
and Security

Ensuring public safety and securing communities is of utmost concern for government and organisations. With the threat landscape rapidly evolving to become more sophisticated and complex, 5G empowers safer and more secure operations by enhancing the use of applications such as video analytics and autonomous surveillance robots.

With its high-speed, secure connectivity, and real-time data processing and analytic capabilities, 5G ensures lag-free tramission of higher-resolution data which allows for faster incident response times. Data gleaned from multiple platforms then enable accurate identification of potential threats and incident-prone areas, which can be used to mitigate risks and improve security policies.

Futhermore, 5G's network slicing provides private mobile access for dedicated purposes so that applications such as mission critical systems, security, and emergency communications are always prioritised even when the public network is congested.

Bringing together 5G, mission critical communications, physical security, video analytics, and cybersecurity solutions, StarHub provides a holistic solution ensuring uncompromised safety and security.

StarHub Suite of Solutions
for Public Safety and Security

Security Patrolling Robots

Using 3D mapping, a rich set of sensors and cameras, combined with remarkable AI capabilities and smart navigational features, the Temi robots enable a new level of communication and break barriers in ensuring public safety. 

Remote Collaboration with Assisted Reality

A complete assisted reality solution with the RealWear Navigator™ and Librestream Onsight platform for remote expert guidance, audits or inspections even in hard-to-reach places.

The RealWear Navigator™ is the leading ruggedised assisted reality solution designed to connect and collaborate with remote experts, follow guided workflows, and much more. Onsight optimises the collaborative experience in the most challenging locations, for the most security-conscious enterprises.

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Surveillance Drones

Drone surveillance allows for the collection of information about a target from a distance or height. With its compact size and ability to withstand harsh environments, the drone can survey subjects that might not be accessible otherwise. 

The newly launched DJI M30T drone from Avetics Global features an IP55 rating for all-weather operation and a 16x zoom camera coupled with a 640x512 thermal camera.

CCTV Cameras

High-quality imaging with 8 MP resolution 5G enabled cameras that serve a variety of applications such as line crossing detection, intrusion detection, unattended baggage detection, object removal detection, etc, coupled with deep learning functions for facial recognition

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Mission Critical Push-to-Talk

Push-to-talk over Cellular (PTToC) solution that is in compliance with 3GPP mission critical PTT standards. Comprises islandwide 5G/4G connectivity, ruggedised PTT camera phones, customisable user application, and is the only solution with Push-to-Video.

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Suite of Cybersecurity Defences

Multi-layered end-to-end cyber resilience to help develop stronger immunity against system breaches, unauthorised system lockdown, data exfiltration, and extortion attempts. Comprises endpoint fortification, network security, data protection, and threat identification.

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5G for Business

5G is set to positively impact a broad swathe of industries, potentially putting early adopters far ahead of their competitors. 

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Multi-layered Cyber Security Managed Service

StarHub CyberSecure Business solution provides end-to-end cyber security defence against Ransomware and targeted attacks, helping enterprises develop stronger immunity against system breaches and ransomware attacks.

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Rich range of capabilities including PTT, push-to-video, multimedia messaging, group communication for emergency responders, transportation providers and construction sites.

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