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20 June 2018

What use are Big Data analytics, if they can't provide you with the 'why' factor?

During recent years, enterprises have flocked to pursue the much-vaunted benefits of Big Data and advanced analytics.

Innumerable technology companies are now fielding solutions to help customers manage enormous amounts of data. Indeed, with troves of valuable information created daily, telcos are uniquely positioned to deliver mountains of data to enterprises. But providing relevant, actionable insights that actually create business value – well, that’s another matter.

Crystalizing the potential of data analytics necessitates some vital ingredients: good strategy, data scientists and analysts with the intelligence and experience to focus on the data available. Plus the ability to understand not only the data, but the driving force behind the customer decisions that create it.

In other words, ‘why’ it happened.

Telco data and analytics signpost businesses to the who, what, when and where. Yet SmartHub digs deeper – blending quantitative Big Data with qualitative responses from target groups within consumer survey panels. Yielding unparalleled insights that shed light on the ‘why’.

These 360° insights can:
Help brands better understand customers, and what makes them tick.

Gathering near real-time, anonymized insights from StarHub data points - SmartHub distils valuable Big Data, and intelligently cross-references it with qualitative survey responses.

For example, surfing patterns show increasing interest in a new-model car amongst females aged 22-35. Qualitative data adds consumer opinions on driving for leisure, favorite colors and attitudes to vehicle emissions. Providing additional information on which to base promotional activity – and engage the target segment.

Help your business assess the success of its marketing campaigns.

For example, prior to opening a retail outlet at a new shopping centre, SmartHub provides geo-location data and online behaviour that builds an early picture of shopper demographics, crowd and traffic movements.

Combined with qualitative data, post launch – you gain powerful insights into people’s reasons for visiting the centre. Information allowing you to assess the efficacy of pre-launch activity and mine valuable learnings.

Identify sites exhibiting success attributes for expansion.

Demographics, dwell times, surfing patterns and more… together with accurate location-based data, SmartHub provides huge potential for enterprises across industries.

For example, by analyzing crowd and traffic movements, SmartHub identifies commonly travelled routes – and understands people’s attitudes to particular districts. Highlighting opportunities for introducing new business outlets.

This potent blend of Big Data and qualitative insights empowers you to make better, fact-based decisions, swiftly and efficiently – creating lasting value.

To find out more about how SmartHub can power your business growth with 360° insights, get in touch now.


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